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MG Plasterers

Insulation Materials - Cold and Heat Category

MG Plasterers are your local stockists of Australia's favourite Insulation - Pink Batts.

Some good reasons to use Pink Batts :


Feeling the Heat as Summer has well and truly hit?

By simply installing the correct Pink Batts Insluation, we can help make your home cooler.

  • will work effectively both in Summer and Winter
  • Inside temperature in summer up to 8-12 C cooler.
  • Reduces heating/cooling costs by 40%
  • Smaller capacity air-conditioning and heating units can be used.
  • fully rated R-Values.
  • Won't settle, shrink or blow around.
  • Will not rot, decay or sustain vermin
  • Low allergen. Safe for asthma and allergy sufferers.
  • Designed to fit standard 450mm & 600mm ceilings joist and wall stud spacing
  • Easy to install in new ceilings and walls or excisting ceilings.
  • Manufactured from up to 70% recycled materials

We supply and supply / install - Wall Standard Rating      

                   R1.5 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Wall Optimum Rating

                   R2.0 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Wall Maximum Rating

                   R2.5 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Ceilings Minimum Rating

                   R2.0 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Ceilings Average Rating

                   R2.5 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Ceilings Extra Performance

                   R3.3 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Ceilings Max Comfort

                   R3.5 (430-580) Pink Batts

                   Ceilings The Ultimate

                   R4.0 (430-580) Pink Batts


Silencer Batts 70mm

Silencer Batts 90mm 

(Great for use in Home Theatre Rooms)


We also stock a wide range of sisalations for metal and tile roofs, brick veneer walls and suspended flooring. To see our full range of sisalations please click on the link (Insulation  Contractors Equipment and Supplies)


Warehouse Hours Mon-Fri 7am – 4pm

(Saturday by appointment only).

Office Hours Mon-Fri 9am - 3pm


MG Plasterers, the Plastering, Texturing and Insulation Professionals for Mount Gambier, the South East, Limestone Coast and Western Victoria.

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