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Live-In Kitchens

Live-In Kitchens
79 - 81 Commercial St W
Australia 5290

Phone 08 8725 4944
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Fax 8725 4988

Knives Category

Global knives are still hand crafted  in Japan from high quality steel. They are recommended by all leading chefs for their ergonomic design and comfort.They are extremely light to use and retain their edge for longer.

Mundial knives originate from Brazil and still are today. They have been used by many for years and are still one of the many favoured knives .They have a fully forged handle which means the steel actually extends all the way down the knife.They are heavier than others ,but also retain their edge well. Knives are a very personel purchase, they need to feel like an extension of your hand so it's very important to select something for comfort and work ease rather than price. Keeping your knife in excellent condition is just as important so a quality diamond steel or ceramic rod is a must.


Nearby Service areas are: Mount Gambier East, Mount Gambier West