Mount Gambier Locality List - Find GENUINELY LOCAL Businesses in YOUR AREA
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Mount Gambier Locality List - Find GENUINELY LOCAL Businesses in YOUR AREA

Kennedy Spraying Services

Visit Kennedy Spraying Services

Kennedy Spraying Services

40 White Ave
Australia 5290

Phone! 08 8725 3380
Cellular 0408 849 330
Fax 8723 5800
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Spraying - Agricultural
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Spraying Equipment

Chemicals Category

Kennedy Spraying Services in Mount Gambier provide the following in Chemicals:


22DPA, 24D Amine 500, 24D Ester ‘800’, Achieve, Actara, Affinity 400DF, Agral, Amicide ‘625’, Amistar WG, Anitrole T, Arsenal, Assett, Associate/ally, Astound, Barracuda, Basagran, Bravo ‘720’, Broadstrike, Brodal Options, BS 1000, Buctril ‘MA’, Bumper, Buttress, Calcium Nitrate, Canola Booster, Carbend, Chlorpyrifos 500 EC, Cislin, Confidor, Copper PC, Credit and Bonus, DC Tron Plus, Dimethoate, Dipel, Dipel Granules, Dithane RS, Diuron, Dominex, Sclipse, Endosulfan, Fastac, Foam Marker, Folicur, Fusilade, Fusion, Garlon, Gesagard 500 SC, Gesaprim 600 SC, Gesaprim Granules, Gesatop Granules, Glean, Goal/Striker, Gramoxone, Grazon, Hammer, Hasten, Hotup, Hassar, Hymal, Igran, Imadan, Iron PC, Kamba ‘500’, Karate Zeon, Kerb, Lawn Weeder, Lemat 290 SL, Li700, Liase, Linuron, Linuron WDG, Lontrel 750 SG, LV Ester 600, Magnesium, Malathion, Mang/Zinc, Manganese PC, Mangasol, MCPA ‘250’, MCPA ‘500’, MCPA ‘LVE’/Polo, Molasses, N Blast, On Duty, Opus, Oust, Permerid, Pirimor, Proclaim, Pulse, Raptor WP, Red Spray Dye, Regent 200 SC, Reglone, Result, Ridomil Gold MZ WG, Roundup CT, Roundup Powermax, Rovral, Score, Select, Sencor, Simazine/Gesatop, Snail Bait, Spinnaker 700 WG, Sprayseed ‘250’, Starane, Stomp 330E, Success, Supercharge, Synertrol Oil, Tigrex, Tilt, Triflur X 480, Tristar Advance, Trojan, Trounce, Turret, Ulvapron, Uptake, Verdict, Wallabi, Wetter TX, Zinc PC.


Servicing Mount Gambier, Limestone Coast, South East South Australia and Western Victoria.


Mount Gambier Locality List
Mount Gambier Locality List  Image . This photo sponsored by Chemicals Category.

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