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Wilson Security & Locksmith Services

Wilson Security & Locksmith Services
48 Commercial Street West
Australia 5290

Phone 08 8723 0880
Cellular 0419 820 030
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Fax 8725 0725

Vacuum Equipment and Systems Category

Wilson Security installing & servicing ducted vacuum systems in the South East of South Australia and Western Victoria.


Wilson Security is a locally owned family business servicing South East of South Australia and Western Victoria for over 20 years earning the trust of thousands of satisfied clients.


Ducted Vacuum Systems


For a cleaner healthier home.

  • More powerful, deep cleaning performance.
  • Healthy cleaner air.
  • No heavy lifting.
  • Quiet, easy to use.
  • Tailored to fit your home.


House dust mites infest our homes – the average pillow on your bed contains approximately 10,000 dust mites, a fact that makes us all feel a little uncomfortable.

Ridding our homes of these allergens that trigger asthma, eczema and other allergies ha always been an ongoing struggle.


Conventional vacuum cleaners pick up the dust particles, but they pass through the dust bag and circulate back into the air and your home.


Alternatively, a ducted vacuum system immediately transports the dirt through pipes installed under the floor or in the walls, collecting it into a main storage unit located outside or in a garage. By venting the particles away from your living space, the recirculation of dust allergens has been completely eliminated.


The cleaning action of a ducted system is two to three times more powerful than the conventional vacuum with a high-quality motor located in the main unit. Simply plug the vacuum head and lightweight hose into the centrally located inlets and you’re ready to clean your home quietly and efficiently without all the back strain.


Easy to install while building your new home, the system can still be installed in existing houses.


Complete ducted vacuum system package from only $990. For more information on the many advantages of a ducted vacuum system in your home, telephone (08) 8723 0880.



Nearby Service areas are: Mount Gambier East, Mount Gambier West