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Creative Lighting

Creative Lighting
3/193 Commercial St W
Australia 5290

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Electrical Switches and Control Equipment Category

Creative Lighting for Lighting Consultants in the Mount Gambier Area.


Home owners in the midst of building their dream home have a list of priorities – and lighting is not usually one of them!


Lighting is taken for granted – the switch beside the door is turned on and there is light. But it can be so much more. Lighting can be the difference between a nice house and a spectacular one.


There are two main types of lighting. There is general lighting and there is task lighting. General lighting is as it says. It is lighting up a room with no particular attention to any specific thing. You can see incandescent, fluorescent and some types of halogen globes. Catering to any ceiling height and décor, there is avast range of CTC (close to ceiling –for low ceilings); batten fix (D.I.Y) and pendants (for med-high ceilings).


Task lighting is for highlighting specific things such as pictures or giving extra light to certain areas such as kitchen benches. Downlights are a popular form of task lighting and are very effective if positioned correctly. Downlights became popular in new homes with low ceilings but they are not a wise choice for lighting large spaces, as the light is emitted in “beams” and you will need a lot to get enough light without shadows. Trapeze is another popular form of task lighting.

There is also the exterior of the house to consider. There are many designs and styles available in the exterior range, from classic coach lanterns to sophisticated stainless steel.


If you are about to build a new home, consider lighting at the beginning, rather than at the end, where inevitable you will have to make compromises and will be disappointed with the end result. Take the time to envision how you want your home to look. Do you want to be able to create “mood” lighting? Do you want subtle lighting? Is energy efficiency something you want to consider? With a little planning you will be able to create the atmosphere you want.


Bring your house plans to us and let us help you. We offer on-site consultations by appointment, and appointment in-store to go over your house plans room by room, to discover what best suits your needs.



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