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Mount Gambier Air Conditioning

Mount Gambier Air Conditioning
9 Cedar St
Australia 5290

Phone 08 8723 0800 8723 0800
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Fax 8725 0873
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Fire Extinguishers Category

Green Triangle Fire  advise and supply South East South Australia and Western Victoria with a complete range of fire detection equipment and fire extinguishers.

Our fire systems include:

Conventional Fire Indicator Panels

Inertia GFT-965 & Inertia 400 Series

Inertia 008

Inertia 2400 Series

Inertia Occupant Warning Modules & Inertia 1668 Fan Controls

Inertia Mimic Panels

Conventional Ancillaries

Door Holder Power Supplies & Door Holders

System Sensor Smoke & Thermal Detectors

System Sensor Duct Probes & Break Glass Alarms

Bells, Thermal Probe Detectors & Remote Indicators

Inertia 2220 Sounders, Roshni Sounders & Squashni Sounders

Gas Control Panels

Inertia 008 & 2400 Gas Control Panels (single zone)

Inertia 2400 Gas Control Panel (multiple zone)

Gas Control Ancillaries

Inertia Warning Signs

Inertia Stopgas & System Inoperative Sing

Analogue Fire Indicator Panels




Distributed Ancillaries

Distributed Modules

Analogue Ancillaries

System Sensor Smoke & Thermal Detectors

Control Modules

Monitor Modules

Duct Probes & Annunciators

Alarm Acknowledgement Plates

Hazardous Detection

Intrinsic Smoke & HARSH Detectors

VIEW & Acclimate Detectors

Emergency Warning & Intercommunication System


Inertia I2000

EWIS Ancillaries

Speakers & Horn Speakers

Strobes, Break Glass Alarms & Warden Intercom Phones



Power Supplies

1.3 & 9amp Power Supplies

Service & Maintenance Equipment

Field Test Module & Test Equipment

Consultant Specification

008 Fire Indicator Panel

2400 Series Fire Indicator Panel

AFP2800 Analogue Fire Indicator Panel

Inertia I2000

Our range of extinguishers includes:

Multipurpose ABE Powder

Carbon Dioxide

Water, Foam and Wet Commercial

Complete range of Hoses and Reels

Nearby Service areas are: Mount Gambier East, Mount Gambier West