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Squashbrook Fitness & Leisure

Squashbrook Fitness & Leisure
297 Commercial St West
Australia 5290

Phone 08 8725 5351 8725 5351
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Fax 8725 5791

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Squashbrook Fitness & Leisure for Gymnasiums in the Mount Gambier Area.

Group Fitness


Have so much fun you won’t realise your exercising!


Our Group Fitness program caters for all ages and fitness levels. We have a selection of classes that will satisfy everyone’s goals. If you want to increase your fitness, strength, flexibility and metabolism and reduce body fat, blood pressure, back pain and stress then Squashbrook has a class to suit you.


Choose from our range of pre-choreographed Les Mills classes or our freestyle classes. Our instructors are qualified, friendly and professional and welcome you to experience the fun of Group Fitness at Squashbrook.


56 Classes every week to choose from, including:

  • BodyPump
  • BodyCombat
  • BodyBalance
  • BodyStep
  • BodyJam
  • Aqua Fitness
  • Aqua Mobility 
  • Precision Cycling
  • Super Circuit
  • Absolution Circuit
  • New Energy
  • Shape
  • Fit for Life
  • Funtastic
  • Junior Funtastic


Don’t forget the crèche service to care for your precious young ones while you spend some quality time looking after yourself.


Please remember to bring a towel and water bottle with you for every workout. For your first class of each type, please let your instructor know, and they will give all the information you need to get the most from the class.


Please note that there are limited spaces available in the classes, so first in best dressed and people are not allowed to enter the class once it has started, so ensure you’re early.



A class using the buoyancy, resistance, and therapeutic effects of warm water. Aqua fitness combines a cardiovascular workout with body toning, stretching and relaxation techniques. A safe, fun and effective class for everyone – even non-swimmers.

Suitable for: All fitness levels      

Co-ordination required: Low



Based on the aqua aerobics format but conducted at a lower intensity. The buoyancy provided when exercising in water makes this an ideal class for the over 50’s, beginners, rehab patients, arthritis sufferers and pre or post natal clients.

Suitable for: Low to medium fitness levels       

Co-ordination required: Low



The ultimate indoor cycling experience. Your instructor will take you on a journey and allow you to experience changes in intensity and terrain. There is no denying that precision cycling is a challenging workout, but exactly how challenging is ultimately up to you! Anyone can do precision cycling if you keep in mind that you can work at your own pace.

Suitable for: Medium fitness levels        

Co-ordination required: Nil



A great cardiovascular workout combined with total body muscle conditioning. A safe, dynamic exercise class using ‘double action’ hydraulic gym equipment. The class consists of 1 or 2 rounds of the circuit and is completed with an abdominal workout.

Suitable for: All fitness levels       Co-ordination required: Low



The ultimate abdominal and muscle conditioning workout, combined with a dynamic Super Circuit class.

Suitable for: All fitness levels       Co-ordination required: Low



Combining an awesome mix of resistance training, cardio and toning work suitable for participants eager to get started at the gym. Fun, energetic and effective.

Suitable for: All fitness levels       Co-ordination required: Low


BODY PUMP (Les Mills)

The worlds most popular group fitness class.  Using adjustable barbells and fantastic music, ‘pump’ builds lean muscle, increases metabolic rate, fat burning and ensures great muscle tone.

Suitable for: All fitness levels      

Co-ordination required: Low



The ultimate reward for the mind and body.

‘Balance’ calls upon yoga, pilates and tai chi to prevent injury and create pain free, relaxed muscles and mind. Helps relaxation and harmony, improves strength, posture and flexibility, whilst relieving tension and stress.

Suitable for: All fitness levels      

Co-ordination required: Low


BODY JAM (Les Mills)

The ultimate groove class of hip hop, funk and latin music, blended with dance and aerobic moves. Taught with heaps of options so that EVERYONE can look funky on the dance floor. The program is updated every 3 months.

Suitable for: All fitness levels

Co-ordination required: Moderate


BODY COMBAT (Les Mills)    

The power of self defence and martial arts combine, to deliver an addictive mix of kick boxing, tai chi, karate and self defence that will leave you feeling energised, strong and confident. Jab hook and kick your way to awesome cardiovascular fitness and great muscle definition. 

Suitable for: Medium fitness levels

Co-ordination required: Moderate


BODY STEP (Les Mills)

An addictive class combining rhythm, energy and great music to deliver an effective total body workout and fast results.  This pre-choreographed step class delivers the best butt and thigh workout in the gym & caters for everyone from the newest to the most athletic participant. Strength and toning phases for all over body conditioning.

Suitable for:  All fitness levels     

Co-ordination required: Moderate



An uncomplicated class aimed at getting and keeping you in shape. The perfect way to introduce yourself to the gym format that varies weekly, from basic Step Reebok, low impact aerobics, tummy thigh and butt, light circuit, stretching and mind body. Ideal for all age groups, first timers, pre and post natal persons and rehabilitation.

Suitable for: Low to medium fitness levels       

Co-ordination required: Low



The class designed to help you live stronger and longer.

Suitable for all ages, with exercises targeting heart health, strength, flexibility, balance and co-ordination. Regardless of your age or abilities, this class will provide you with a fun way to get yourself ‘fit for life’.

Suitable for: Low to medium fitness levels       

Co-ordination required: Low 


FUNTASTIC (ages 7-11)


Non complicated but FUN! Just what is needed to keep your child entertained but actively working towards better health. Two different age groups and a ½ hour format consisting of fun games and developing hand eye coordination.

Come along and have some fun!


Nearby Service areas are: Mount Gambier East, Mount Gambier West