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MTU Detroit Diesel Australia

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia
201A Jubilee Hwy W
Australia 5290

Phone 08 8725 3902 8725 3902
Cellular 0417 804 527
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Fax 8725 3981

Generators - Diesel Category

MTUDDA's product offerings for gensets and similar power plants go beyond the engine and the gas turbine. MTUDDA supplies complete solutions beginning with the planning of power plants and their manufacture, installation and transfer to the end user, ready for operation. If desired, MTUDDA can be assigned as prime contractor for complete power‑generating installations.


MTUDDA's range of products for electric power generation includes:


  • Base‑load gensets
  • Peak‑load gensets
  • Emergency/standby gensets
  • Short‑break and no‑break gensets
  • Mobile/Container gensets
  • Engines for cogeneration
  • Power plants for the oil and gas industries (onshore/offshore drilling and pumping)
  • Gas turbine plants

In important buildings and facilities, reliable energy supply is vital.


MTUDDA genset engines are not built as a compromise. When used for standby/emergency power they come on‑line in seconds when the normal power source is interrupted. Until the utility is re­established these engines continue operating, providing steady and reliable electrical power.


Whether in hospitals, in data processing installations or communication centres, in factory buildings or in other important public or private facilities ‑ gensets with MTUDDA - Mount Gambier engines come to the rescue in an emergency.


Nearby Service areas are: Mount Gambier East, Mount Gambier West