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MTU Detroit Diesel Australia

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia
201A Jubilee Hwy W
Australia 5290

Phone 08 8725 3902
Cellular 0417 804 527
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Engines - Marine Category

MTUDDA Mount Gambier has a long tradition in the development, manufacture and supply of marine systems. Our engines are liquid‑cooled four‑stroke units for propulsion or on‑board power generation.


More than 74,000 units have been supplied to date, with over 24,000 serving in marine applications.


Plant control is provided by state‑of‑the‑art monitoring and control systems from MTUDDA Elektronik.


Whether main propulsion or auxiliary service ‑ each MTUDDA engine fulfills the requirements of the classification societies.


Continuous investment in product research, development and support are reflected in efficient and technologically advanced propulsion and related systems serving a multitude of marine applications.

Ships in arduous continuous‑duty operation place particularly heavy demands on their propulsion plants in terms of operational reliability, endurance, consumption and ease of maintenance to achieve maximum economy.


Numerous tugs have been relying on our diesels and monitoring systems for many years. MTUDDA engines are also used in rugged, continuous service on cargo vessels and passenger vessels.


Dependable monitoring and control electronics from MTUDDA Electronic enable virtually automated

plant operation, thus minimising crew workload and fatigue. Designed to provide high power density, rapid load acceptance and optimum efficiency under all operating conditions, MTUDDA diesels also offer a unique fit in tugs which, though small‑sized by necessity for operation in tight harbour quarters, are required to provide maximum bollard pull.


MTUDDA powered tugs perform the most diversified services, ranging from bow and stern manoeuvring assistance, ship relocation, and salvage and fire fighting.


Nearby Service areas are: Mount Gambier East, Mount Gambier West